M: The List of Kind Deeds

Some simple ways to make the world better:

— Pay a compliment to a stranger;

— Collect all the belongings you do not need and donate them to an orphanage or put them in the special boxes located on the streets (for the special workers will sort them out and send them where they are most needed);

— Buy some meat/sausage and give it to a homeless animal;

— Visit your grandparents and give them a cake (with sweetener if they have diabetes);

— Make some one laugh on the metro;

— Wish a good day to a policeman;

— Visit people in hospice;

— Donate money to the WWF;

— Take a polaroid photo of someone and give it to them as a present;

— Share someone’s post about the possibility to help others;

— Share your secrets of success, or your unique way to cope with stress with us;

— Make lunch for your colleagues or bring in the cupcakes you have baked and share;

— Give your friend a chocolate/fruit/flower(anything she or he likes and is not allergic to);

— By someone a ticket to the cinema;

— Write an article for ya-drugoy.ru.

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