Why Everyone Is Going Plant-Based In 2017

FOR HEALTH: I’m sure when you see the words «vegan diet» or «plant-based diet» you have the same thought as I did a couple of years ago, «I could never go vegan.» You’ve probably also thought that the diet is reserved only for tree-hugging hippies. Well, I’m here to tell you that not only is […]

Laura Poitras — an angel or a demon?

When we talk about the artist, who’s creative journey had come to an end, we can go in depth of any period of their life-span and analyze the concrete segments of their career. No doubt, every genius has his own reason to create But what if the artist hasn’t put a coma in their life-long […]

V: Why live in the present moment?

We are always rushing, stressing out, thinking about the future or the past… Why can’t we just accept the PRESENT? It’s such an amazing and remarkable state! For example, what if you are spaced out deeming about tomorrow’s work schedule while your boyfriend is proposing to you? Or what if it’s your 16th birthday but […]

M: The List of Kind Deeds

Some simple ways to make the world better: — Pay a compliment to a stranger; — Collect all the belongings you do not need and donate them to an orphanage or put them in the special boxes located on the streets (for the special workers will sort them out and send them where they are […]